Grungit for Blender


What is Grungit?

Grungit is an addon for Blender 2.8x that automatically and effortlessly adds wear and tear to your models with a single click. The result is fully controllable and can deliver anything from imperfections and wear to heavy damage.

Why Grungit?

Unlike other methods, Grungit has very little impact on performance and it’s fully compatible with EEVEE, but surely the most important benefit is the considerable amount of precious time it saves.

The main goal of Grungit is to assist you, not to dictate a specific style that might not suit your needs, and it doesn't impact your workflow. That makes it very versatile and can deliver all kinds of results : You can use it to add subtle surface imperfections to give your renders an additional layer of realism, or you can make a painted surface for a machine with a lot of grunge, scratches and dirt.

What are the benefits of Grungit?

  • High quality edge wear, grunge, and dirt with a single click of a button

  • Compatible with EEVEE

  • Simple And Fast

  • 1-Click PBR baking

  • Fully Customizable

  • Full PBR

  • Topology-independent

  • Keeps existing materials and works with add-ons that use the Principled BSDF node.

  • advanced mode for more manual control

  • Manual hand-painting to add or remove grunge and/or dirt

  • Quick mode (no edge wear, useful to add imperfections and uniform wear)

  • Supports multiple objects and multiple materials 

  • Animatable and adjustable in real-time

  • Fast render times

  • Auto-unwrapping

What do people say about Grungit?

  • "This is a terrific "must-have" addon!
    A lot of detail is added that would normally have to be done manually via texture maps, nodes (or most probably both). This can potentially save you hours of time depending on the number of models you need to "grunge"."
  • "Should be one of every 3D artist dreams, and now it's right within our grasp. [...]
    As if those were still not enough, the dev had also included 1-click PBR baking too.[...]
    Overall, this add-on is a MUST have one, thumbs up! 
  • "This quickly became my go-to for dirt and grunge....easy to use and effective. Highly recommended."


  • When the edge wear scale is too large, thin surfaces get worn out. This could be avoided by the model into several objects
  • Due to macOS's  buggy OpenGL drivers and the complexity of the shader, EEVEE rendering does not work well on Apple machines unless you use the PBR baking feature to convert your materials first. Cycles rendering still works as expected.
  • Baking many objects and materials is a bit slower than baking a single object and material

Release Notes

Support for Blender 2.92+

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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